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Police: Woman accused of killing newborn ate brain

In the normal course of events I wouldn't post such a heinous article of violence but I'll make an exception. The child was 3.5 weeks old. Just think if this had happened in a late term abortion clinic a month earlier it would have not got any notice. The baby's brain would have been sucked out by a vacuum instead of by her mother. We all want to believe she is insane don't we because women just don't do this. B.S. Remember Karla Homolka - she raped and killed her own sister and two other teens but got a plea bargain because the Crown lawyers thought she was a victim. The dad left. I wonder why. Children are at the greatest risk when dad is gone. As soon has he leaves this monster goes berserk.
Patricia Pearson in her book "When She Was Bad" states, "The operative assumption is that the violent woman couldn't have wanted, deliberately to cause harm. Therefore, if she says she was abused/coerced/insane she probably was."

I have this property to sell you - interested. Patricia clearly debunks many myths about female violence in this book.

Jul 27 02:00 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

SAN ANTONIO (AP) - A woman charged with murdering her 3 1/2-week-old son used a knife and two swords to dismember the child and ate parts of his body, including his brain, before stabbing herself in the torso and slicing her own throat, police said Monday.

Otty Sanchez, 33, is charged with capital murder in the death of her infant son, Scott Wesley Buchholtz-Sanchez. She was recovering from her wounds at a hospital, and was being held on $1 million bail.
San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said the early Sunday morning attack occurred a week after the child's father moved out. The child's aunt and two cousins, ages 5 and 7, were in the house, but none were harmed.

McManus, who appeared uncomfortable as he addressed reporters, said Sanchez apparently ate the child's brain and some other body parts. She also tore his face off, chewed off three of his toes and decapitated the infant before stabbing herself.

"It's too heinous for me to describe it any further," McManus said.

Officers called to Sanchez's house at about 5 a.m. Sunday found her sitting on the couch "screaming that she killed her baby," police spokesman Joe Rios said. They found the boy's body in a bedroom.

Police said Sanchez said the devil told her to kill her son.

"It was a spontaneous utterance," McManus said. "She said she was hearing voices."

Sanchez does not yet have a lawyer, police said, and was hospitalized in San Antonio. The police declined to identify other family members.

No one answered the door Monday at Sanchez's home, where the blinds were shut. A hopscotch pattern and red hearts were drawn on the walk leading up to the house.

Neighbor Luis Yanez said everyone on the street was appalled by the news.

"Why would you do that to your baby?" said Yanez, 23, a tire technician. "It brings chills to you. They can't defend themselves."

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