Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Women’s Studies 101 ~ AKA I am a Victim Feminist Oppressed by the Patriarchy ~ HELP

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A 29 year old Swiss male

A short video in which I try to make a point on how feminism has it fundamentally wrong. None of that "There's different types of feminism" bovine feces. Feminism, despite having been a valid position as little as 50 years ago, is now doomed to be stupid and evil because of the circumstances in the modern western world. If it isn't stupid and evil, it's not feminism.

Also, check this out: It's the first part of Warren Farrel's presentation at the CATO Institute "Why Men Earn More"

TL;DR: Basically the pay gap (the 70-80% on the dollar that are frequently mentioned) aren't due to discrimination but due to women working part time in "self-fullfillment" types of jobs.

And yes, I love Zero Punctuation.
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