Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Heart - A Marxist Victim Feminist with a mission

One of many blogs operated by Marxist styled victim feminists critiquing Ms. Hoff Summers article and my comments left behind. http://www.womensspace.org/phpBB2/2009/06/30/persistent-myths-of-christina-hoff-sommers/



This is the Womens Space blog. I’m Heart, and I created the Women’s Space sites, Women’s Space, this blog. The Carnival of Radical Feminists blog and Quiverfull. In my old world I published Gentle Spirit Magazine. Women’s Space is anti-subordination, anti-violence and committed to justice for women and for all people.


So you are one of the feminist supremacists who believe the end justifies the means. Truth is a byproduct of serendipity in your world. Thanks for your info. You will be entered into the annals of Victim Feminist Central as a propagandist in the same vain as all those other ideologies who have claimed moral or religious supremacy but, of course, never survive given time. Its a pity that otherwise intelligent people get caught up in ideological wastelands not unlike some religions who portend they are the superior means of getting to heaven. Your Marxist sensibilities create personal prisons that you then lock your self into. In any event no one can change an ideologues viewpoint - not even the truth. Its too bad you had such a bad experience, perhaps with daddy was it, that you believe all this drivel you write and then get reinforcement from other sisters with daddy issues. One of your sisters, Amananta, (nice choice of name) believes the wage gap isn't 76 cents but rather and I quote:

"The 76-78 cents (depends on the study) on the dollar is what women who work full time make in comparison to what men who work full time make.
When you factor in mothers and women who take care of elderly family members, in other words, comparing all working women to all working men, women make THIRTY EIGHT CENTS to every dollar a man makes.

Gee why not just compare all non-working women to all working men and then you can say women don't get paid at all.

What I find interesting about most of these victim feminist bloggers is they don't have the gonads to self identify by their name. It kinda helps credibility if they did that.

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