Saturday, May 30, 2009

Read this and wonder what kind of mental midgets write this stuff

Note there is no attribution for these inane conclusions by the writer. These are the kinds of victim feminists who seem to have the ear of judges, lawmakers and lawyers. It goes to show how gullible the Divorce Industry appears to be. I'd say they have some serious mental health issues if they actually believe what they write. See the section on their rules of engagement to verify if this fits. This blog is one of many by the nut bars called anonymums, man haters from OZ, with very serious issues of a kind requiring professional assistance.

Long Term Harm: Breaking The Maternal Bond

Some research suggests that the breaking of the maternal bond leads to schizophrenia, drug dependancy and learning difficulties. Many articles on the subject of the maternal bond in nearly all cases demonstrated the adverse outcomes of the broken bond. It is comparable to the interference with mother earth, the consumption of her resources and breaking the bond with the potential for future life. In other words, it is messing with the natural world as we know it and the future lives of others. When I refer to the linkage between the destruction of nature and the destruction of human nature, I do not shy away from the instigator of it all: Patriarchy.
Men have historically, but not naturally been in charge and whilst the same speak intended to liberate the women has been used to shy us all away from the fact that it was men who did this. In pursuit of greed and power, our earth as we know it is crumbling beneath our feet. Once abundant water, air and land resources are now becoming a scarce resource. Patriarchy is now scrambling for the only control left: Children. The purpose of course is to indoctrinate patriarchy, a great white lie into our children in hope that they do not open their eyes to learn the truth of the evils that have been done here on a massive scale. If patriarchy succeeds in confiscating the next generation, all is lost for life as we know it. We are going to have a generation of disturbed young people in the midst of a crisis. The breaking of the maternal bond is the last evil perpetrated against nature and one that must be stopped as the intention behind this is certainly not love. The intention is purely selfish.

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