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In Norway ~ One in five children have experienced violence from the mother. The Minister concerned.

This is a Google English translation from the Norwegian original located here.

Some sections of the translation may cause you to howl in laughter but that's the way it is with quick and easy translations. The conclusions moms were more violent than dads befuddles the participants and they offer the usual rationalization of mom having more contact and women learning from dad who beats mom. What a bunch of gibberish. 

In the USA increased contact was debunked and when comparing apples to apples i.e. single moms with single dads the same result of mom being more violent with the children was apparent. I think we would find the same result the world over if statistical gathering agencies broke out the perps in finer detail. For example in Canada the agency responsible refuses to break males  down into biological fathers, boyfriends in residence, step dads, brothers, uncles. If they did this I would posit we would find moms are the most violent with their children and some of the male perps are quite likely going to be boyfriends and step dads acting as proxies for the mom. Biological dads are the least likely to be harming or killing their children other than in these murder-suicides that get massive publicity and are used to slander all dads.MJM

by Kristine Hovda


- Taken as a whole, it is evident that the mother turns more often than the father, "said Svein Mossige. Along with Kari Stefansen la NOVA-researcher Friday presented a report on the extent of physical violence and abuse of Norwegian children and adolescents. And the findings are dramatic.

child violence

Oslo, Norway


• 20 percent have experienced violence from mother
• Mother athlete aggravated assault as often as the father
• Violence from the mother experienced bad for kids

Most violence from mother
In total, 20 percent of the children experienced violence from the mother, against 14 per cent from the father.

16 percent of girls and 14 percent of boys reported that they were exposed to mild violence from the mother. The corresponding figures from the father was nine per cent among both boys and girls. Six percent of girls had experienced serious violence, and the mother was as much violence as the athlete's father. For boys the figure was four and five percent for violence, respectively, mother or father.

- There may be several reasons for this. One is that women often are eneforsørgere than men, and often it is also so that the mother is more with their children than the father is, "said Mossige.

Increases suicide risk
The survey also shows that children get the most problems when the violence comes from the mother.

Aggravated assault from the father led to an increased risk for eating disorders, anxiety and dissociation, while aggravated assault from mother found an increased risk of suicide attempts.

Violence Researcher Ragnhild Bjørnebekk believes the findings are startling.

- We have a notion that the mother is the loving person that protects and safeguards the children's needs. When the mother turns, it may be experienced even more dramatic than when the father does, "says Bjørnebekk. She gets support from Ingeborg Vea in association Adults Child.

- This is very surprising reading. But it might have a connection with that we do not like to think that the mother turns, "she says.

Older children believe the subject is very taboo in Norway.

- There are a lot of shame attached to the mother turns and we see that it is difficult for people to say so, "said Vea.

Stressed women
Bjørnebekk believes the findings are different from other research on family violence.

- In Sweden, has concluded that it is usually the father who beats. But we must also see this in the context of changing social groups in society, "she says.

Swedish studies have shown that women with higher education beats more than before.

- It's possible we could see it in the context of that people have a more stressful life than before, "she says.

The researcher also believes there may be something in the myth that the father beats the mother, and mother beats child.

- Prolonged pressure and stress on the mother can decrease the threshold for the exercise of physical violence, "she says.

Female violence increases
At the same time other research shows that more and more women are using physical violence.

- We have seen an increase ii recorded violence among girls from the 1980s to today. The proportion of women in prisons is increasing, and we see more anti-social women. I do not know if there is a connection between this and domestic violence, but we have to investigate more, "she says.

In 2004 Hilde Pape published a research report about violence in the relationship, showing that women as often as men resort to violence.

- Kvinnevold is very taboo and traumatized, and we feel a part mørketall. It has been difficult to reveal the facts, for violence research has until now mainly been about men, "says Pape.

Violence Researcher Sidsel Natland has done research on girls and violence. She warns against the tendency that girls are more violent, will increase when the mother turns.

- Violent girls often come from homes where the father beats. But if young girls also learn from the mother that violence is legitimate, it's serious, "she says.

- Not acceptable
Svein Mossige believes it must work with the attitude changes, especially when it comes to mild violence against children.

- The inquiry, we see that physical violence, whether it is mild or serious, set its mark in the children who experience it. And it is not always the parents themselves are able to distinguish between what is mild or serious violence, says the researcher. He reacts to the proposals in the media recently that the rice and slap on the ass is fine in the upbringing.

- Our study shows that mild violence is relatively widespread, and that such violence can have adverse effects on those who experience it, "says Mossige.

Ombudsman Reidar Hjermann think it is very unfortunate that violence against children is presented as fine.

- When celebrities like Carl I. Hagen and Labor Party politician Aslam Ahsan is presented in the media and the defense of rice on her ass, gives the go-ahead to the cruelty of children. It is very serious, "he says. Hjermann do not think that more equality in the home will solve the violence problem.

- It may cause the mother turns smaller, but remains to be seen whether the father is going to turn more. We need to convey to parents that violence against children leads to the opposite of what we want, namely, children who take good choices based on what they believe is right and wrong, "he says.

- No excuses
Ministry of Children and Equality Manuela Ramin-Osmundsen said the findings from the NOVA-report really should arouse concern.

- We see that the mother often gets much of the responsibility for raising children, and in some situations it may be too much. There is still no excuse for resorting to violence. One can never excuse violence against children, "she says.

Now, the minister strengthen the competence of family offices, and that teaches students and educators learn more about detecting when children are exposed to violence.

- There is little awareness in the education course on violence against children, but it is imperative that those who are closest to the children have knowledge about this, "said Osmundsen.
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